Woodcote Hill Website Design for Woodcote Hill Businesses

Woodcote Hill Website Design for Woodcote Hill Businesses

Woodcote Hill Website Design for Woodcote Hill Businesses

Why Site Style Is So Important

The world of sites is altering. Gone are the days when a basic site would consist of text and graphics with a few links to other pages. Today’s site owners are developing sites that are works of art, interactive projects, or just exist to delight. These types of sites require more than just text and graphics. The designs should be aesthetically pleasing and they must operate in every browser and os.

Aesthetic appeals

The visual appeals of a website is critical. A website that looks like it was developed by an amateur has no chance of prospering. The style needs to attract users on a visual level. This means using colors, fonts, images, and layouts that will not just look excellent, however will also appeal to the eye of the user.


Aesthetic appeals is necessary, but functionality is what drives the success of a site. Users will not spend time on a site if it does not work properly. It must be easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to understand. A site that is inadequately laid out or challenging to use is destined fail.


Interactivity is the next huge thing in website design. Users expect websites to be able to communicate with them in some way. They want to be able to click things and see something occur. They wish to be able response questions and get details from the site. Sites that do not permit interaction are destined failure.


The purpose of the website need to be to please the user. A website that is intended to offer product and services might have a very easy style. However, it must still be created with the user in mind. The user wants to find the info he needs rapidly and easily. He expects to be pleased by the site when he discovers it.

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