What is a Domain Name and How it Works

What is a Domain Name and How it Works

Before you learn the ins and outs of domains let’s get the simple stuff out of the way firstly I’m Emily this is Darlene, and we’re going to explain what a domain name is and how it uses domain names are created to offset Internet Protocol or IP addresses.

More human-friendly an IP address is a set of numbers that’s assigned to every computer on the web IP addresses act like street residences they determine a computer’s locating on the web and facilitate route information, so we can easily travel between computers however IP addresses are unique longish and definitely sounds like randos cords of numbers requesting a mere soul to memorize and sort in an IP address for every site they want to visit is kind of idealistic.

This is where domains are now in while computers necessitate IP addresses to set each other we humans can be utilized a domain name say like GoDaddy com instead the domain name system or a DNS makes these arenas like GoDaddy com and converts them into IP addresses that computers need to communicate so instead of nine 7.24 speck one two three two six seven we are able to simply remember GoDaddy com instead much easier right when a person participates your domain name into a web browser.

The browser then exploits your domain name to find the redres IP address and overtakes back the website associated with it loosely speaking think of domain names like contacts on your telephone typing a domain name into a browser is just like tapping a contacts mention in your telephone then automatically phones the count combined with that contact same to the way DNS alters your domain name into an IP address your service provider uses the phone number to connect to your contacts telephone, just like IP addresses are connecting computers across the internet, you don’t need to know where the person or persons you’re calling is physically situated or even their telephone number at this moment all you do is tap the contacts honour and your telephone does to remain now you know what a domain name is thanks for watching you

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